Saturday, May 8, 2010

April and May Giveaway :)

Hey there!
I know I've missed the April Giveaway so
I'm giving out both April and May together!
Q: What will I be giving out?
A: RM 10 Voucher x 2
Just leave a sweet & loving comment at this post and
may the 2 lucky winner walk away with the RM 10 Voucher!
Please post your comments again for those who left comments just now. There's some problem with google and all the comments are missing
sorry for the inconvenience.
Voucher is to be use either during the bazaar or at my etsy shop :)
Fun Giveaway ends on: 10th May . Monday . 12midnight
Announce winners on: 11th May . Tuesday . 12noon
Sneak preview of what's to come:
More bunnie tails of course~*


Jun Yue said...

This contest is open to everyone on earth:)

1 post per person alright~ play nice:)

Jun Yue said...

Sorry for those who left comments just now. It's all missing after I click approved. I've reported the problem but no body seems to bother bout my case, So please do leave your comments again~


Zwei said...

Am here to leave a comment!! :D
I love your work girl~ Really really creative and detailed. :) Am already a big fan of your beani pets~~ ;))

Patty's Cottage said...

thank u for host this giveaway,it is so great for fans like me can have the chance to grab more beanipet!!!
beanipet really a comfort and soul mates for me and it is alway there to listen and share my ups and downs,im still loving my bunny till now and will add more siblings for it:)
and i am amused for the hot ballon inspired bunnies,very lovely and touching love story:) keep it up and hope to see more more great creation from you.

killua said...

Today, in the 21st century, what melts a girl's heart? Nothing but a simple pillow that's made with love, care and hope; not just any pillow, but pillows and creations from the one and only truly original Yue Jun Mei - proud owner of Beanipet Enterprise~ XD

Jun Yue said...

ah finally it's working ^ . ^ thanks girls for participating in the giveaway! All the best~*

zai kulim said...

Hi..Jun yue..

zai join

Am here to leave a comment
I love your work Jun Yue..
really creative
keep it up and hope to see more more great creation from Jun Yue..


Hae Nina said...

AWWWW ~ I want to buy your scrunchies so badly but since i'm a high school student , i've to collect much more money to buy your scrunchies . anyway , i want the voucher ! yeahs ~!!! good luck ^^

Syuhada said...

Hi BeaniPet ♥

I've been waiting for April's Giveaway for long time :D

First time I heard Beanipet's name from my friend, I quickly go to Beanipet blogspot and found cutest and adorable huggable pillows which is made by Jun. My friend listed the huggable pillow from Beanipet as her wishlist for her birthday. So I bought 2 bunny pillows, one for her and one for my another friend.

They were sooo excited and happy!! Like the dream come true ♥ Every night, they sleep with the pillow. They giving love, care and comfort to the Beanies. And I am happy too.

I thanks to Beanipet because you cheer them up and makes everyone happy! And I, do really love Beanipet so much ♥♥♥ Thanks Beanipet.

Michele Chang said...

Hey Jun! I will definately see you soon on the coming saturday at pipit 4th wonderful market!!!!

Please make more accessories ok? I love your design. Take care!! =)

dOlpHin said...

joining giveaway~ ^^

cute cute scrunchie is wif me~
hoping tat oni day i will hv a lovely bunny wif me too~ ^^

KeithChee said...

hi jun jun... miss you! i will go for pipit 4~ whee! cant wait to see bunnies!

喜欢手作的朋友· said...

joining May giveaway...(:

love ur scrunchie so much..
and also the bunnies..
look so comfortable and cute..
will go this saturday..

Kacy Lam said...

Really loved your work!! It's an inspiration to all the handmade lovers!

^-^ Hopefully one day i'm able to have such creation like yours (just in different version)!!

See you on this saturday!!

Airhead said...

ohmygees i just saw this giveaway, hope i'm not too late anyway.

your designs are absolutely wonderful. never in a million years could i be ever come up with something as pretty as that no matter how much patience i put in.

cherylveenc said...

Hi Jun,
i have been wondering about the april giveaway... i thought i had missed it
seems like i didnt! so happyyyy (;
looking forward for more of ur creations!
keep up the awesome job

zodiac_girl69 said...

Dear Jun Yue,
I think u are very talented and amazing person. U give us something to accompany us when we are down , happy and to be there in every moments in our life.
Whats great, lovely and sweet about u? Its just simply because you are just you. Every beanipets born represent a little pieces of what you are. Happiness, cuteness, and they are full of colours. I bet they are just the same as you..
Whats adorable, cute and wonderful all the time? It must be Beanipets. Nothing more i can say bout beanipets except they are one of a kind i ever find..
Thank you Jun Yue..

Always there to support u,

liyana said...

u have a great talent babe.. love all of ur beani & i ope you will keep up the good works.. u rock the world, babe ^o^

deb said...

Beanipet voucher you belong with me! If I get hold of you, i'll never ever let you go!!! Come to mama xD

Choy Cin said...

Hi the creator of beannipet!
Love your new designs because your design is handmade,speacial for all ocassions,as a gift to friends,it's uniquness and the best part is I own one of the kawaii cuteness,handmade,unique, sweet,one of it's kind huggable pillows.
Love the 'speaciality' of it!
Thanks to the creator who born those beani pets!
Yours truly,

Agnes Sim said...

I'm come again! Wish i'm the winner so i can use the voucher at PIPIT market. :p I'm one of your BIG(size) fan. hehe

Anonymous said...

hee~ lucky I read your PM in time. It's 10 May already >///<

:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

join join!! Hope I can get the voucher lo~ hehehe...

best regard,

Cyn said...

wish to be the lucky one to enlighten my stressful exam week :)

Lindsay said...

Thank you for sharing your beanipets with all of us! They're so sweet and huggable, they just make me want to smile. :)

mummy alesya said...

Nice blog, creative work. Cute and lovely beanie..i love it!