Monday, May 17, 2010

BeaniPet's Slumber Party

Tada! A cozy bed for my Beanies~*
It's DIY, cut, fold, sew and painted it myself!
I think it's quite cute especially with all the love fluffy hearts at the bedpost.
The balloon banner XD
It took me almost 2 hours to set up everything :)
Close up on the bed. This is the look before 12pm :)
(actually I did ask some lovely ladies to excuse me a while to take some picture haha... Some of them came very early and started fabric shopping so I've got to ask them to give me 1 minute to snap some shot XD)
Love the bed~* Some even thought it was a real bed! WOW XD
Then Tada~ Below are my accessories and fabric set up :)
There is no place to fit my catalogs, just manage to squeezed in my name cards:)
And behind is a chair and some illustration stickers for me to seal the packaging :)
The table is so full :)
Now this is the after around 530pm:)
All my pillows sleeping so soundly and looks so comfortable XD
Brought 14 Beanies left 6 to wrap home :)
Picture taken from Teeny Lee in FB
(My camera no more battery haha forgot to charge!)

And the table! haha so empty and I finish giving out 400 ++ name cards
Lucky I brought my catalogs so the table won't look so empty :)
And this picture is by Agnes :)
Over all it was a very
successful, wonderful, happy, joyful, excited and happening event!
Thank you everyone who came and visited my store!
Special thanks to those who just came for 1 purpose = Visit BEANIPET!
(Very touched!!! Thank you for all your love and support!)
Special thanks to my Bear~* for always being there for me.
I love you!


Agnes Sim said...

no chance to take it b4 the market start. haiz..wah..u sold out a lot of fabric n accessories wo..geng!!

haha...stold my pic, no wonder la..i feel surprise how come u got take a pic as same as mine. hahaaaaa :p

Jun Yue said...

haha no steal your pic la credit still give you back ma~~~ haha my camera no battery jor so sad!! If nore will take more pictures de lor!!!

hehe yah fabrics all sold and accessories also a lot sold! ^ . ^

Syuhada said...

CONGRATS Jun! Thats proof that lots of people loves your BEANIES :) Like I do.

littlejingyi said...

so lovely :))

Agnes Sim said...

hehe...:p I got no time to go stall by stall to take pic..sad! summore still got lot of nice items din see...

Anonymous said...

yep. I purposely come for BEANIPET. coz its lovable. but I don't buy any. still a big fan of yours. hem. will buy someday(:

Jun Yue said...

Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I tot the bed was real too! xD