Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bear and Panda's new home

I've been very busy these few days with very little updates and sewing done.
The reason behind all this is that Bear had bought us a new home :)
I’m practically over the top excited and my mind has already gone to
work on the designing and planning of the interior.
It’s a huge project and when it comes to the comfort of my dream home,
I’m quite a perfectionist :)
Anyways, I’ve created a homie blog for me to document all my home design, ideas and plans.
And if you are keen to know what I’ve been so busy caught up with, have a peak at
Bear & Panda – our new home.
Customized orders and emails will be attended to very soon :)
Promise to have more updates on pillows too!


Salameander said...

Oh my, this is so exciting! And looking at your sources of inspiration, your pad is going to be an amazing home. :) Very happy for you.

Jun Yue said...

lol thanks! I hope so too ^ . ^

Ah Yng said...

hi Jun, very exciting for your new home! :D