Friday, June 4, 2010

Featured at y0omii

Introducing y0omii:
Do check her blog out!
She got really cute knitted stuffed mini animal dolls!!!
I really love her stuff and YES I'll get my bearbear from her
when I move into my new studio ^ . ^
Thank you Sherry from y0omii for featuring
BeaniPet in her FOTM (favourite of the month)
Really happy and glad that we can become friends!
A friend from half way around the world... Seems pretty cool:)


sheryan said...

Aw you're very welcome :D:D I'm so happy that you like my little blog post about your bunny pillows :D They're so adorable XD I wish I could design pillows like you. Then I'd have them all over my bed and couches :D I'm glad we became friends too (: yay!

Jun Yue said...

XD yeh~~~* I too wish i can knit like you! Gosh I don't even know the abc of knitting haha
Really very happy to have bumped into your blog!