Monday, June 21, 2010

Victorian Red

Hey there everyone! BeaniPet is now launching a new line of products :)
My definition of clutches - feminine, sophisticated and elegant
I'm using the combination of Vintage and Victorian style to create my clutches.
Simple yet attractive.
And with a touch of details.
Perfect for both formal and casual occasions.
Antique magnetic sewed on button to keep your things in the bag.
I prefer clutches without straps that goes over your wrist.
It is because I don't find that ladylike or attractive.
Information that you may want to know:
- My clutches has 8 layers.
(fabric>interfacing fabric>thick sponge>fabric>fabric>thick sponge>interfacing fabric>fabric)
- It's hard enough to maintain the shape but soft and spongy inside.
(light weight and easy to carry)
- I uses antique brass magnetic sewed on button for each clutch.
(it gives it a vintage feel)
- I usually put my hand phone, identity card, lip gloss, tissue and some cash.
(definitely very convenient and yet with style)
*note: this bag belongs to Jun*
More to come~ Stay tune :)

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