Monday, July 19, 2010

My 1st Craft Party

This is my 1st ever craft party and I really had a fabulous Sunday!
The party organizer Murni did a fantastic job and I really hope to see more craft parties soon!
She even created a blog call handmadeKL for craftiers to gather and just have fun :)
Here are some pictures I capture:
My Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake and Hot Vanilla Milk from Wondermilk.
I love my cupcake and warm vanilla! Wonderfully Scrumptious ^ . ^
And look how Murni decorated the cupcakes and drinks:
Our names and craft party logo printed on the paper then stick them on wooden sticks :)
Then she even planed out where we should be seated with our names beautifully decorated plus she even provided us with some references to cut!
Our 1st craft project: Decoupage Candle Holders.
(decoupage is actually just a fancy word for the art of decorating an object by gluing paper cut-outs onto it)
I didn't had much time to run around and capture the environment but Wondermilk is really a fantastic chill out place for a lazy weekend mornings :) and More cupcakes!
Then we had a mini competition, which is to come up with a name and a logo for each group.
So there are 4 groups and our group name was Whimsical Wonder. If you see closely our typo is cut out ^ . ^ to match with our Decoupage theme. I made the 3D flower and I really love it as the finishing touch!
And the winner is picked by Wondermilk's staff/owner :)
Guess who won? ^. ^
Our Group Won!!! Super excited~*
Here's our group beauties
(Pictures on the 1st row till the 2nd row from the left to right.
We miss out a member Karen who's running around capturing pictures. But in my picture you can see a pink t-shirt lady behind and that's Karen!)

Then Picture no.6 (2nd row right picture)
That's Murni and Jun! She's a really sweet and lovely lady :)
Then the big group picture!
More pictures on our craft projects from Whimsical Wonder team members!
It's really nice to meet new friends and get together just to do some crafting together!
And here's my close up on my Decoupage Candle Holders.
I wanted to write the words after I stuck them to the glass (coz I forgot to bring my brown pen which I thought would have been a better colour match) But then I realize that I can't write on top after I've painted them with the glue So I had to write the words in black ink and the paper was stuck on the glass... My shaky hands didn't make the wordings perfect. Too bad that I forgot my brown pen. If not the wordings would have been a little more perfect.
Anyway~ I really did enjoy the whole party and
I had loads of fun chit-chatting, cutting and cupcake-ing!
I really do hope that we can have the party more often (like maybe every 2-3 month once?)
I met loads of new friends, a toa senior, an old friend (su ^. ^) and Murni!
My Sunday was a Blast!
Thank you Murni for all your effort and I admire your passion!

xoxo Jun


Agnes Sim said...

wow, great event!! Looks fun n interesting! ;-) Hope we can have such party also. :p

Jun Yue said...

yah it was super duper fun! If next time got I'll see you wanna join or not ya ^. ^