Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tripod Bag for bff

My BFF CK wants a customize tripod bag for his new expensive and heavy tripod.
And he said to me "Remember to add your BeaniPet LOGO Okay!"
Lol... My friend is a really funny guy~ very down to earth.
So I spent one full week to sew his bag.
And man I dare say this is one of the BIGGEST, TOUGHEST, LONGEST bag I've ever sewed!!!
My machine almost cried for help!!! lol
Thanks to CK's Japanese bake cheese cake~* yumm~~ solved all problems!
And finally the bag is complete and in my opinion it looks manly too :)
Hope you like your new bag CK!
Tripod Bag:
A bag that has pockets for his gadgets and a mini one for his coins!
Detachable strap for him to keep/wash:) and
magnet button buckle for him to easily access to his tripod~
Then leather string to tie the top and zip the tripod up!
And soft spongy base covered inside to protect the tripod ^ . ^
I really hope you like your new tripod bag CK!!!
Next project for CK~ MY HOME 2D & 3D PLAN!!! Yeh Yeh Yeh~~~*


The Lollipop House said...

Excellent job. The process must be tedious but the results are always rewarding : )

Jun Yue said...

Thanks!!! and really appreciate that my friend love the bag!

mocQachinno said...

hye..this tripod bag u made for ur friend is great! i'm currently looking for somebody that can make a custom-made guitar bag for me. do u do custom-made bags for others too?

you can email me at


Jun Yue said...

Hey mocqachinno, I don't customized bag for people. This was a special occasion and it was also a belated birthday present. So sorry can't help you with that :)