Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY Fancy Pins and Brooches

Thank you to Seventeen Magazine for interviewing me and
featuring me in their DIY column :)
Here's how to make a fancy pins to decorate your hair
and beautiful brooches for your everyday fashion wear!
1. Measure and cut the fabric to 12.5 inches x 3 inches. Then fold it in half.
2. Sew gathers from one end to the other end.
Pull the thread at the end to compress the fabric together forming a circle.
3. Sew both ends together forming a complete circle.
Then add the button to the middle.
4. Sew the safety pin / bobby pin at the back.
Then use the super glue and apply it on the threads to seal them tight.
This will make sure the safety pin / bobby pin won’t move around.
(Apply some super glue on the thread. This will ensure the pin/bobby pin is secure.)
5. Try out different materials, mix and match things around
to spice up your fashion wardrobe!
Most importantly just go with the flow and have fun
making your fancy pins and broohes!
Above are some examples of what you can make with this DIY steps!
Hope you like my sharing :)


megan said...

Thanks for sharing Jun! :D

It seems like a fairly simple DIY, but there's a lot you can do with it.

Agnes Sim said...

will try to make it for my baby.. ;-)

Jun Yue said...

<3 Agnes!! Yes make for baby <3 can't wait to see the baby & the DIY then... Safe delivery!!!