Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Holiday Bunny Bag

Meet Hello Holiday Bunny
This is my Holiday Bag! I made it for my recent holiday trip :)
Very big, secure and solid!
The handle is spongy so comfy!
Bunny pocket~*
With crown charm and lace flower!
On the other side is a lacy heart~*
With rocking horse charm!
Love the base fabric... It's gonna be my studio curtain decoration too!
Heart charm zip :) and lacy ribbon on each sides!
Cucu fabric inside with polka~ My fav!
Had a wonderful holiday and my Bunny bag was so useful!
Love it so so so much!!!


Anonymous said...

woh ;_; the bag is so cute T_T

vincci · said...

how much for this bag??

YUET LENG said...

do you have selling it? how much?

Jun Yue said...

It's not for sale :)