Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My treasures~*

Hey peeps~*
I'm back from my holiday :)
I thank God for all his blessings!!!
Blessing me with sunny sun following me 247.
No rain No typhoon!
Just loads of
yummy food,
wonderful shopping
and an incredible holiday!
^ . ^
N here's my stash of treasures~!
Day 1 shopping > Day 2 shopping > wonderful stash!
Now I'm packing my room to make space for this bountiful stash of treasures~*
Love my bear for the wonderful holiday! He's the best!!!


littlenailofar said...


i wish i cud buy like this too :P
maybe in my dreams tonite =_=

i would do nothing but just spend my time happily gazing, touching, arranging this fabrics for hours ~~

Junz said...

they all look delicious!!! *drooling...

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^

liyana said...

wow...where did you go?? ur treasures look gorgeous ;)

Agnes Sim said...


Jun Yue said...

Liyana girl I went to taiwan again with my bear n bffz

agnes ^ . ^ haha yah really omg~ still feel like not enough lol...