Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sailing Bunnies

Mr Blue: Hey missy! Come on!!! We are going to miss the wind!!!
Ms Red: I’m coming! I’m coming!!!
Mr Blue: Hang on tight! We are going sailing today~ Woohoo!
Ms Red: I’m all ready! Look~ I wore my red pants and cucu skirt! Yippy!!
Mr Blue: I’ve got my blue bow too! I do look like a Captain right!!!
Ms Red: Hehe totally! I love the cool brezzy wind!
Mr Blue: And the warm sunny sun!
Ms Red: I’m so happy!
Mr Blue: I’m glad that I’ve found you.
Ms Red: I’m glad that it’s you…
Sailing Bunnies set sail to the ocean till the sunsets and they gaze at the starry night and was glad that they found each other. Sailing on one boat together forever.
For 2 beautiful people:
May you both spend your lives together forever
I wish you both now and forever always together :)
Very vintage and old style, matching Blue and Red together.
The key to your heart.
Sailing fabric with cucu sailor fabric
Bow and Ribbon
Skirt Pants

Name: Sailing Bunnies
D.O.B: 13th September 2010
Speciality: Blessing couples with warmth love from the sun and relaxing cool breeze as companion from the sea.
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket and accessory
Size: 16” x 15” (body)+ 4.5” - 3.5” (ears)
Color: Navy Blue, Red, Brown, Cream and pink with Cream White base
Status: Adopted ^ . ^

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yeevon said...

hahaha XD what the..
there's a loooong conversation (story) between them! <3