Monday, November 1, 2010

Announcement - BeaniPet 2nd Birthday Celebration

Thank You everyone who participated and voted
for the Best Birthday Cake for BeaniPet's 2nd Birthday!
I really appreciate everyone's effort, love and support!
Thank you for making BeaniPet possible even after 2 years!
I'll keep sewing and keep producing loving cute huggable animal pillows :)
Now it's time to announce the WINNERs!
Everyone get to walk away with a prize :)

Cake by Andrin Lim:
I really appreciate her effort of baking & decorating this cake all by her self!
Beautiful, sweet and filled with love!
Thank you Andrin for such a lovely cake!
Here's your Pillow - Graceful Rose Mousie:
Cake by: Loh Yen Ven
Thank you Yen Ven for participating and surprising BeaniPet with such a delicious and lovely cake! Thank you to all your effort on asking your friends to vote for you!
Here's your Special Prize - Tiffany Pearl Flower Scrunchie
2nd Place prize:
Cake by: Dolphin Gee
I really actually love this creative cake!
It's pancake with banana one of my favourite breakfast meal!
Thank you Dolphin for participating :)
Here's your gift - Sakura Bow
3rd Place Prize:
Cake by: Renee Tan
This is one of my favourite cake from RT too!
Really love the picture! Thank you Renee for participating!
Here's your gift - Golden Pin
4th Place Prize:
Cake by: SYThoy
Thank you for this wonderful and cute cake!
The representation of the 2nd birthday is there!
Thank you SY!
Here's your gift - Xmas Pin
Consolation Gift:
Cake by: Jean Ng
Thank you Jean for this cake! I do love Tiramisu!
You are a very warm and sweet girl! Thanks for participating:)
You'll walk away with a RM 15 Voucher from BeaniPet!
Thank you again to all the lovely ladies who participated :)
You'll all be given a RM 15 voucher from BeaniPet too!


dOlpHin said...

i m glad to heard tat u like my pancake~ ^^ do cum n hv a try on it if u cum melaka~it really taste delicious~
n thx for the sakura bow~ :)

ah yan ♥ said...

weeeeeeeeeeee... tq ~ jun mei ^^
so happie ^^~♥ so happie~♥♥