Monday, November 15, 2010

Pipit & BeaniPet

Thank you everyone who came and supported BeaniPet last Saturday!
I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and thanks for all your love and support!!!
Here's some pictures of my set up :) Hope you like it!
Up in the clouds, Dreaming of you:
Cloud Banner with raining words:
BeaniPet - Growing Ideas
My DIY hot air balloon :) Love the heart shape balloon!
Say Hi to all my Beanies!
All dreaming and resting on cloud 9
Scrunchies :) will update my etsy shop soon:
Imported fabrics :) All sold out~! Thank you for supporting!!!
Flower Hair Pins :) Will also update my etsy shop soon
And this is Andrin and Jun :)
She's the Grand Prize winner for BeaniPet's 2nd Birthday Contest!
And this is Pipit Bird that I design :)
And It's a gift to Mike and Ivery, Founder of Pipit
Hand stitched with loads of love :)
It's so me when I look at it.
BeaniPet Loves Pipit
Cute mini legs :)
Puffy heart
And it's a pocket!
Loads of Love from Jun
Thank you everyone for all your love and support towards BeaniPet!
I'll keep this passion burning strong and work hard towards my dream!
Thanks! xoxo Jun


8happyrainbow said...

All cute items XD I love fabrics ! When fabric come again?

Agnes Sim said...

hehe..happy to see u again! ;-) Luckly this time got snap a pic of u. hehe..curi curi snap one :p

Jun Yue said...

Happy Rainbow :) fabrics not sure yet :) will keep everyone posted in my blog :)

Agnes!! i saw XD thanks for curi curi snap! I saw your hubby that day also! congratulations again girl!!!