Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Flower Pins

These beautiful one in the world Vintage Flower Pins
will be available during Pipit's Wonderful Market this Saturday!
I'll be wearing my flower too! Each sold individually :)
Maroon Vintage Roses - Feminine, Sophisticated and Elegant.
Pink Sweet Lady - Sweet, Lady Like and Cute.
Yellow Sunshine Smile - Sweet, Lady Like and Charming.
Red Wild Flowers - Elegant, Simple and Beautiful
Purple Country Hue - Calm, Sophisticated and Unique.
White Snow Mountain - Pure, Innocent and Elegant.
See you all at Pipit's Bazaar this Saturday!


mienkintoshfairie said...

These are so cute!

candy apples said...

I think my favorite are the Red Wild Flowers♥


Tina Yap said...

may i know where should i pin the flower? on hair? how much?its that big size of 3 or just one alone?

Jun Yue said...

It's a big bobby pin behind. I'll post a picture of the pin on my hair soon :) then you'll be able to see the size of it. They are all RM 28 each excluding postage and sold individually :)