Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MIA and Updates

Hey there!
Firstly, sorry for my recent lack of updates.
I've been pretty busy with my new house renovations and finally after so many months, it's almost done! My new house and my future home is very dear to me. That's why I'm actually caught in between BeaniPet and my new Home project. Having to take on this project it's really overwhelming! And did I mention it's a crazy task due to all the deadlines? Well, I've actually put some of my orders on hold and also stopped taking in customized orders temporary.
Cutting the story short, My announcement is this:
I've only got 2 more latest Christmas pillow design and will be available by next week @ my Etsy shop & Pipit Zakka Store.
I'll be taking a long Christmas + Year end holiday (20th - 31st) to complete my house renovation plans. So I won't be able sew, update my blog, post out items and even reply emails/convos/messages. So please bear with me and thank you for understanding.
The good thing is my items are still available at Pipit Zakka Store :)
Etsy shop will be close during my break period.
I'll resume work and sales on 1st of January :)
Look out for my Valentine Limited Edition Collections! Only few available.
1st come 1st served basis. No reservation.
I'll be making only a few sets of couple pillows for Valentine from 1st January - 15th January. After 15th January I'll be taking a 1 month break to complete DIY deco-ing my new house and also have a break during the CNY festive season :)
Thank you for all your support and understanding.
I really appreciate your patience and support! Love ya all~*

xx Jun
(Image was inspired and captured from Jamaica Byles lovely blog)

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