Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Craft Party 2

That week I was super duper busy but I still manage to go to the craft party :)
I needed time off from things and also to relax and re-energized,
so the craft party was just in time!
I really had a wonderful time meeting all the beautiful ladies that morning :)
Although I had an appointment after that, I still manage to stay till I finish making my DIY sugar scrub and bath salts! It's so fun making things that you'll be able to use later!
This was a really fun and happy day for me :)
My seat and my bottles!
I love how Murni goes into detailing the craft party :)
I love the Thank You note card :)
My vanilla hot milk ~ Yumz
The buffet!
Love the settings!
All the scented oils~ very aromatic!
Some tea, milk and coco powder?
A mini group photo :)
A very friendly friend :) Elvira
It's me with my lavender sugar scrub :)
My diy mixture :) was trying out stuff :) and listing what I love and want :)
My lavender sugar scrub!
I made Lemon bath salts for me to use in the morning :) to perk me up int he morning!
and Lavender sugar scrub for me to relax and cool down in the evening :)
My DIY wrapping!
I used 2 scrap fabric to wrap the sugar scrub and a paper doillie to wrap my bath salt!
Love the ribbon combination :)
This is the close up on my sugar scrub~ Had fun layering it :)
My beautiful bath salt with some rose buds and jasmin flower :)
And this is a mini gift for me on Christmas :)
Overall it was a lovely morning and I really had loads of fun!
Will be looking forward to the 3rd Craft Party
More updates soon :)


♥ The Love Path ♥ said...
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*Tea said...

looks all so lovely and of great fun! i want to try to make my own bath salt too!