Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bear's Surprise :)

You might not know that I'm actually the
pandabear character on my logo and Ruey is actually the bearbear.
Yesterday Bear gave me a surprise.
He changed my blog from to
This is his way of showing me that he is romantic!
LOL... I tease him saying it's an IT man's romantic surprise...
I'm happy and surprised that he did all that for me :)
Thank you dear bear for everything and thank you God for sending him to me.
But all my saved links disappeared...
Crazy sad coz I've been collecting blogs since I started blogging but oh well~
I can always start collecting again :)
Anyway I've recovered most of my important links:)
Love my bear~*


Agnes Sim said...

It need to pay one? tako also changed iit oredi. ;-)

Jun Yue said...

yah last year i already had a .com
that one is just a general showcase of my products :) then just last week my dear change the blog to .com also :) surprised!