Monday, May 9, 2011

BeaniPet at Pipit

I had a wonderful Saturday at Pipit WM6. It was a hot sunny Saturday and a perfect weather for an indoor bazaar. My day started off with saying hello to all my craftier friends and off we go to set up our booth. Here's some pictures of my set up. Above is my DIY 2 tiered tea plate. I've decorated it with bear's brandy and whisky glasses, my ikea plates with ribbons, pearls and lace. Do you like it?
And below is the whole picture of my set up that day. I just used some of my baking tools such as the huge mixing bowls to hold my pillows, some whisk and wooden spoon as props, basket for the rolled fabrics, tray for my 3 in 1 cut fabrics and my clutches are behind the tray. This time due to time limitations, I just did a super simple set up.
And this is my hair style! Something simple and sophiscated :)
For those who brought my flower hair pin before you can always accessories it this way :)
I had a superb time and I'm really glad that bear was with me the whole time(he always does).
He helps me with the calculations and he'll be the cashier! I'll just chat with my customers, don't have any worries at all and just enjoy my bazaar with all my craftier friends!
So my Mr.Bear is really the best gift from God!
I really had a wonderful time meeting all of you dropped by at my booth!
Thank you for your time, love and support!!!
More pictures here.

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