Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chuz & T-ge

T-ge: Chuz!!! Why do you eat so much??? You are growing fatter!
Chuz: I love to eat and my passion is food, T-ge! Don’t you like me fat and round?
T-ge: I do like you round and fat! BUT… Stop stealing my food too!!!
Chuz: HAhahah T-ge I thought you can’t finish your food… So I ate it!
T-ge: I ALSO WANT TO BE FAT AND ROUND!!! So I’ll be very nice to hug!!!
Chuz: Wo Ai Ni no matter how you look like!
T-ge: Ai T-ge more then food???
Chuz: Cross my heart! Food is to eat, T-ge is to Love!
T-ge: Ai Chuz forever!
Chuz: Ai Ti-ge forever too!!!
*Chuz and T-ge continue to munch their muffins, holding hands and watching the sunset together*

Ai Ni Forever
"Ai Ni" or "爱你" means Love You
Love pocket with antique key charm
and a touch of rose embroidery.
Cute mini hands and legs

Name: Chuz Piggy & T-ge Tiger
D.O.B: 15th April 2011
Speciality: Using the special heart and key charm to protect your loved ones.
Type: Huggable pillow with love pocket and a key charm.
Size: 14.5” x 13” (body) + 2” (leg) + 3” (ears)
Color: Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow and Brown with Cream White base.
Status: Adopted ^ . ^

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