Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabrics at Pipit

Rolled Fabrics and 3 in 1 Small Cut Fabrics for sale at Pipit tomorrow!
Till then I'll continue to cut and wrap my fabrics :)
See you there :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! ^^ I'm Aki, and I found your site via FB. I really love your stuff! :D

I would like to ask, how much is the rolled fabrics? They're so pretty, I may want some!

Btw, I read that you're a TOA student. Me too! What was your major? :D

Irish Mae said...

Nice fabrics. Simple designs fabrics will be appreciated for me. I'll get there soon!

Tuapui Handmade said...

any possibilities for me to get one?im from penang...^^ kindly let me know through my email if i do can order online..thanks ya^^

Jun Yue said...

Hey there Aki, Thanks for dropping by :) I was a toa graduate majored illustration :) My fabrics are only sold at bazaar

Thanks for dropping by Irish

Hey Tuapui Handmade :) I actually only sell my fabrics at bazaar never sell them online. :)

Symphony of Love said...

Beautiful works of art!