Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Stash from Pipit

This is Hoyoyi's Adult Booties design.
I bought it for one purpose and that's to wear it while I'm working in my studio. It's very comfortable, warm and I totally heart it! Fell in love with the teapots once I set my eyes on them. I love the green touches behind. It's the colour that keeps me calm and focus. On the inside it is lilac with white polka dots. I love the lilac hue she choose to sew inside because it's the closest colour to Amethyst!
And on the back of the booties you'll see little rubbery dots that makes sure the booties have grips!
Above is a Rose scented Nail Ointment by Lullabelle I truly love it! I'm actually using quite a few rose scented product and this is something not to be missed. When I saw these little macaroon shaped tins, Patty the owner of Lullabelle told me it's nail ointment and I went "What?" Then she applied some ointment on my nail and it shine! I was like "WOW, What's that!?!" And now I know that you can hand make nail ointment!
As you can see above, One finger nail is shinier then the other one. She also told me that if I apply the ointment on my nails more often, after awhile it'll have a natural shine! This just tops my 'every girl must have' list! Heart it!
And lastly I got myself a recycle oxford bag from Pipit!

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