Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Don't you just love a relaxing breezy Monday :)
And don't you just love happy sunshine days...
Did anyone told you that you are a sweet, charming babe!
Having Peace and Calm is the key to happiness :)
Newly launched - ballooNote
A simple balloon note to brighten up your day.
You may twist, turn, stick and hang these balloons.
Fridge Magnet may be added behind of the balloon to beautify your fridge.
Adding these to your gift basket will be perfect.
May these little ballooNotes inspire and motivate your everyday.
Each balloon is sold individually at Crafty this coming Saturday!
See U there :)

1 comment:

hasinah said...

hi!!!! those are ADORABLE!!! do you provide delivery service?? ^_^ may i know how much the price for one balloonote (prices including and excluding delivery) ??