Tuesday, June 28, 2011

crafty and more

Crafty Bazaar Set up :)
I totally heart my banner this round.
Here's the overall set up :)
My 1st time having a bazaar outdoor :)
My dear beanie bibits.
My accessories, necklace and clutch corner.
Do you like my necklace display board :) It's DIY-ed
And here's my ballooNotes and a basket for my name cards...
I've sold all my clutches and ballooNotes... I'll sew more :)
And here's one section of my sewing table...
I've decorated it with my BeaniPet ballooNote :)
and here's Patty's crafts corner decorated with my ballooNotes
I'll try to update my blog and etsy shop with new products soon...
Give me a few days to sort out some orders and then...
I'll upload some new bibits (bunny = rabbits = bibits)
(For latest updates you can always follow my BeaniPet FanPage :)


G33KY. said...

Oh my goshhhh~ These are all so cute! ^w^

Cyn said...

so different from pipit. i missed out this bazaar :(