Friday, September 9, 2011

Angel Cotton Candy and Devil Marshmallow Bunnies

I've got a few pillows and ballooNotes that I've sewed but haven't been publish.
Sorry for the lack of updates... I'm just a bit caught up with my own stuff and a few customized orders.
For now till October, I'll be sewing some customized orders and also get ready for Pipit Wonderful Market 7 on 29th October! Do RSVP here :)
Other then that I'll also be going away on a long trip :) and restocking new materials!
Plus the most exciting news would be BeaniPet will be celebrating our 3rd Birthday this coming 24th October! So do stay tune to my blog, facebook and twitter for the latest news and updates!
Till then, Have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by at BeaniPet!
hugs~ jun


honobono said...

gosh, this is sooo cute. can you tell me how to make it? i really adore it. <3

Hana SweetTwinz said...

so idea...^_^