Monday, October 31, 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 7

 Banner~ got a pole there so I just made it work :)
 Tada~ no theme this time... Just a simple set up :)
 Packed and full :)
 Launching BeaniPet Treasuries~ Fabrics for sale... 
Stay tune to my BT FB page for more updates :)
 N then my Beanies are patiently waiting for people to come hug them :)
 Name cards and Bow Pins~
Someone ask me what font is that.. The print is nice... 
and her husband tells her it's handwritten... and yes~ it's Jun's BeaniPet font :)
Thank you all for dropping by last Saturday to visit my Beanies and I! 
We had fun and it was a great weekend!
Thank you to all you lovelies who adopted pillows from me & purchased Pins & Fabrics!
More updates to come on my over due made and already adopted customized orders stories...
And make sure you do not miss the chance to WIN BIG here!
Catch up with you all soon :)

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Agnes Sim said...

simple will do..cos simple n nice ;-)