Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain & Sun Bibit

Sun: It’s really moody and chilly today. Let me dance and make sunshine appears! 
Rain: No no no! It’s such a beautiful peaceful rainy day. Look at all the couple cuddling and sharing an umbrella together! 
Sun: But I would love to dance for you to see and admire :) May I? 
Rain: I too love to dance and I’m better at dancing! 
Sun: We’ll see about that! (Sun Dances) 
Rain: Oh no you don’t make rain stops! (Dances too) 
*Now, because both Rain and Sun is dancing something else happened* 
Rain: Look Sun. LOOK! 
Sun: WOW~ I didn’t know if we both dances it’ll be so beautiful! 
Rain: Yes! I see rainbows :) 
Sun: And at the end of the rainbow I see a pot of gold! 
Rain: No… It’s a pot of love! 
Sun: Really? Let’s go Rain! 
Rain: Where? 
Sun: to the pot of love! 

Name: Rain & Sun Bibit
D.O.B: 9th March 2012
Specialties: Dancing Rain and Dancing Sun together to make Rainbows!
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket.
Size: 16” x 15” (body)+ 4.5” - 3.5” (ears)
Color: Tiffany Blue, Pink, Yellow with Cream White base.
Status: Adopted ^ . ^

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