Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Tuesday - Decoupage

 I first learn about decoupage was when I attended handmade kl's craft party back in 2010 hosted by Murni, a talented craftier. And since then I've done some DIY decoupage at home decorating jugs and jars using this method. Recently Pipit Zakka Store reopen their store at a new location and I wanted to congratulate them with a simple gift so I thought that these pipit glasses will be a unique edition to their wondrous thingamajig collections.
 So what I did was cut the word "Pipit" with my new lovely red fabric and then use 
brush and mod podge (bought from Art Friend, The Gardens) and painted the fabric cut out word onto the glasses. 
Here are some cool ideas from Martha Stewart on Decoupage.
I do love the glasses and the new fabric of mine :) Hope you like my sharing today :) Have a great DIY Tuesday!
 Close up on the glasses and fabric :)
Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
All images & artwork by Jun

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