Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Tuesday - Threading & Nails

Threading & Nails. 
I love this idea and I intend to apply this concept onto my wall if possible. My living room does have a 12 feet long space and it has been empty for a really long time. Never got the right feelings to what I want to put up or illustrate for that wall. Always had an idea to mix my sewing medium with my illustration skills on the wall and now I've found something worth trying out. Hope you like my DIY Tuesday's sharing :) Have a great week ahead!
Artworks by artist: Dominique Falla
Close up details. The threads are just like lines drawn on the paper with a pencil.
I'm not sure should I do the positive filling in typography threading or the negative filling in the negative space and emptying out the typography space.
And what colours should I use? My homie has loads of white, warm wood and yellow orangy colours.
Impossible not to love this but it's possible to achieve this :) Happy DIY Tuesday!  
Artworks by artist: Dominique Falla

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