Friday, August 17, 2012

Foodie Friday - Bear's Favourite

 Today I'll share with you one of Bear's favourite western dish and it is Lamb Shank!
He love his shank and yes He can devourer the whole shank himself. I've only cooked lamb shank twice and twice was also for his birthday dinners. I've tried Braised and Oven Roasted and both recipe work just fine :) We always have it with pasta and vegy. Go and try it out :) Happy Friday to you & may you have a wonderful Raya Celebration & Holidays!
I'll be away for a week so will be blogging again on the 27th :)
 Above is the bone of the shank. And yes we finish the huge lamb shank :)
Below is the oven roasted shank and it's still very hot, can see the steam in the picture.
Images by Jun

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