Friday, August 3, 2012

Foodie Friday - Jun's Scones

I thought I kick start my Foodie Friday with one of my own bakes :) This is my Cranberry & Pistachio Scones. The recipe is by Joy of Baking and I just add loads of Cranberry, Pistachio and Love! Well food really plays a huge part in my life. I definitely live to eat! From the colour to the taste and smell, everything bout food is an inspiration to me. I love how food can translate to emotions then to doodling and sewing. Only recently I took up baking and I find that both cooking and baking can really take my mind off stress. Although I'm not yet an "Okay" baker (blush) but I'm quite a "Good" cook myself (pat on head). So these scones are really one of my rarely successful bakes - fluffy, light, flaky scones made with love :) So be adventurous, try it out and bake something this weekend. Happy Baking!


Nish said...

such a good idea to add pistachios and cranberries! Makes these scones look so pretty too! :)

Jun Yue said...

Thanks girl!