Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday - Spirited Away

This is one of my favourite Japanese animated movie. Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli is truly one legendary man and I adore all of his works. This is one of my favourite and I have A LOT of favourites from Miyazaki's collection. But I have to start somewhere so I'm starting with Spirited Away. A must watch animation. I'm sure you'll love it and be captivated by his imagination. I've watch this over and over again in English and in Japanese (and also some of my other favourites). You can never get enough of his work and of his world. I've grew up with Disney animated movies and when I 1st heard of Miyazaki's work back in my college years, I was hooked and needed to know more about the master himself and his works! His movies and artwork inspires me in so may ways and it'll continue to inspire me and my kids and their kids and so on. So go get the DVD and watch it with your family! Now sit back and enjoy the art of Spirited Away Below.
Making of Spirited Away: Part One

Making of Spirited Aaway: Part Two

A must watch movie for all who love animation! PS: Their soundtrack is awesome!

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