Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Best Wedding...

Today is 1st of August & to start off Wedding Wednesday, I'll be reviewing the best wedding ever! Well it was the best wedding I hoped to have and I did! Since then I live my everyday remembering it, laughing bout it and falling head over heels all over again with my dearest hubby. I guess when you are the bride at your own wedding, everything seems magical, wonderful and perfect. Here are just some of our photos I hope to share with you on our perfect day. Enjoy~*
Pre-wedding & Engagement photos by Covan Gallery at UPM
ballooNotes by BeaniPet
 Mr & Mrs Bear, Pillow by BeaniPet
 I love this sunset shot below.
  ROM Wedding on December 12th, photos by Covan Gallery
 My make up artist, Gene Lim, she made me so wonderfully gorgeous.
 It's so important to have your closest friends to be by your side on your special day. I'm truly blessed to have really great bffs <3
 This is the 1st view of my Mr in my wedding gown. Love the sight of him.
 Couldn't wait to be in his arms.
 Holding back tears of joy! I do love my flowers too from M'ng Bouquets, Bangsar.
 Tarts before the reception and bubbly processo.
 ROM ceremony & our short story here.
  Red Wedding on 12th February, a family affair by Fabulous Moments.
 And this is our Tree of thumb print leaves. I love this idea and I've adapted it for my wedding. 
I painted the tree myself and it's now hanging at our home. 
Don't you just love that you may keep a piece of the wedding memories and make it a part of your home deco? 
This is truly one of my happiest day :)
No matter how big or small your wedding is,  I guess at the end of the day you just got to enjoy yourself, laugh a lot, fall in love and make it all about the both of you. It's been 8 months into our marriage life and we just celebrated our 8th year being together. So life is pretty good and lovely. I look forward to my everyday with my bear because the truth is he is a huge inspiration for my work and in my life. I've found someone who makes me laugh and makes me want to be a better person everyday. Because of him I'm who I am today. I pray that we'll both have the privilege to grow old together and have toothless giggles :) That would really be a dream come true~*
Next week I'll cover what wedding styles I like and even cover on home & living styling for newly weds. I too love interior designing and I admire how people find ways to create a house into a home. There are really a lot of things that inspires me everyday, thus leading me to create more lovely beanies :)

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