Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - A Dream

A few days back I dreamt  about my wedding and as my dream progresses I realise this isn't my actual wedding and I was wearing a different gown at a different venue. Then I (in my dream) realise this isn't my wedding but my wedding vow renewal party! Yes some of my closest bff were there with us (the crazy party ones :) Well it was a happy dream that made me smile when I woke. One part of the dream I remembered vividly was the gown I wore and I believe it was somehow my design or it's just in my head. Anyway I tried my best to look for a similar gown that I saw in my dream and here it is. Lacy gown with a low semi transparent back design. Something like what Bella wore in the Twilight Wedding. 
Yep! I still love lacy gowns in my dream and this time something more unique.
Image source from Green Weddings Shoes

And I do actually love the idea of vow renewals. Though I prefer that if it's just the two of us, like a romantic getaway, that'll be romantic. Maybe every 5 or 10 years we renew our vows? But one thing's for sure, we must have a simple celebration or getaway annually on our anniversary. Maybe a beach picnic or even a beach vow renewal would be nice :) I really do love the beach. Well nothing is impossible :) I guess I'll start planing and look forward to a time when we do our vows renewal with our grand kids with us :) Anyway here I would like to share with you a beautiful "Suprised Vow Renewal". Their story is very touching and it made me want vow renewal even more! Happy dreamy Wednesday~
Image source from Green Weddings Shoes

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