Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday - Loves

Jun & her "Loves"
I love sewing. I even dream of sewing and drawing my ideas at times. 
And I do remember my dreams most of the time. When I dream about sewing I usually wake up smiling :)
I love music. I listen to jazz, acoustic, instrumental music when I work.
Can't work without music unless it's raining. Then I'll listen to the sound of the rain.
I love books. I dive into novels, children books, art & design books,
craft magazine and cook books. I read quite a hand full of blogs too...
I love beautiful images. I do my best when it comes to my own product photography. I don't own a DSLR camera or a Lomo camera or an Iphone but I understand composition, lighting and colours when it comes to photography.
I love bikes. Especially vintage bikes. I love bike riding too. Bear & I even use to love RPM classes.
We quit the gym because it's too far from our new homie but we are still working out :)
I love food. And this is something I've got to learn. I can never wait to wash the dishes or the stove after cooking. Got to learn how to chillax and let things roll. But life is good when you have good food and great friends to share it with.
So what's your loves?
The above artworks are from Parada Creations. Love her illustration works.
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