Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday - MT Love

 If you are crazy over MT Tapes like me you'll love this post. I stumble upon this lovely blog and so happen they feature MT Tape post in their blog and I couldn't wait to share it. One of the post was their private visit to MT Factory. How cool is that! Wish I was in their shoes!!! And then in Japan they also have MT School! People just gather and learn how to use and apply MT tapes to anything and everything. Would love attend the classes and learn more on how to make cool stuff using MT tapes! Do read about their adventurous blogpost and be inspired!
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Images courtesy of Hello Sandwich
 Love the wall art above! So cool and beautiful.
 Very cool car! If I see this on the street I'll so buy it!
 The classic :)
 Look at their multiple designs!!!
 MT SCHOOL!!! Love the hue.
 Another cool vehicle :)
 Wishing I was there...
Beautiful Mess...
Images courtesy of Hello Sandwich

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