Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Tuesday - NTV 7 Bella Interview DIY Projects

Last Sunday I was on NTV 7 Bella tv show and I did a little DIY live demonstration. The topic was
how to spice up your living home with a Christmas theme. So I proposed to them to do some simple
DIY that everyone from all ages can do and also a recyclable DIY project. So we did 3 projects:
1. DIY Felt Rosette - Top left and right pillow are felt rosette.
2. Pom-pom yarn - Top right 4 corners of the pillows.
3. Recycled Tux Shirt Pillowcase - Bottom picture. 
I demonstrated on the show on how to tie a Christmas bow and added it to the tux shirt pillowcase.
Hope you like these simple DIY. Happy Tuesday folks!

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