Friday, November 9, 2012

Foodie Friday - Colourful Glory Macaron

 I just love the unique colours & beauty of Macarons. Always prefer homemade italian macaron recipe which is not as sweet as the french ones. But in the market what you get are the french macarons which are over the top sweet! I don't fancy macaron but I love their artistic colours and shapes. Beautiful foodie art. More Macaron photography at my pinterest :) Have a wonderful weekend and see you tomorrow at Pipit Wonderful Market 9!
Note: Next week I'll be resting from the bazaar and having a little break from inspirational journalling. 
I'll be blogging bout my pillows and catching up on previously made pillows and their stories.
Images are all from my pinterest.
 Love the vintage lace plate.
 Colourful tower! I wonder which flavour would taste best?
 This looks good and must taste good with all those nuts on top!
 Cute colour!
 Beautiful idea for cake deco!
 Peanut butter popcorn yum!
 Sweet crunchy goodness.
A touch of gold leaves? Yums!

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