Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspire me Thursday - Bear & Jun

A bit about Bear & Jun:
Bear & Jun met at an online game 2004. 
We had quite a few night phone chats, a few outings with friends & a lot of online gaming hours...
He asked, I said no. And he asked again and again and again...
Finally bear said something that made me fall in love him. 
And I said Yes! We got together that year.
7 years later after many ups & downs we finally tie the knot.
We moved into our beautiful home together & every morning I'll see him off to work.
Bear & I, we love to travel. And when we are on a holiday, we will never fail to hunt for yummy food.
He is adventurous & so am I.
I never have to drive anywhere. Bear does the driving and I do the napping :)
Lucky me!
Sometimes we act silly & call each other funny names. People might find it odd & weird.
But we know it's our inside joke then we'll giggle and tickle each other as pay back.
We love spending time at home cuddling & watching our shows...
I always miss my bear & will tell him so... And we will say "I love you" every day & night. 
This year is our 8th year together. May we have many more to come
That's a little bit bout my Bear & I.
All images are from the very talented artist Hillary Bird
Do check out her shop & her prints.
Thank you Hillary for the beautiful images that so happens describes my Bear & I.

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