Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Axioo

 This is one photography studio that I really love and admire - Axioo. Not only their wedding photography is enchanted but their family & maternity photography are inspiring as well. I guess after the wedding a very common question people ask is "When is baby Ruey/Jun coming?" Well, I hope that when we are ready, we will be blessed enough to be parents. The time will come but for now my babies are my beanies :) Happy Wednesday!
Images courtesy from Axioo
 Cute theme, Cupcake in the Oven. 10 months of baking...
I will definitely take some beautiful shots of my pregnancy and also journal my maternity & mommy's journey.
Family fun portraits like these are a must too! Such precious memories.
 Love this a lot. Such a precious moment captured on film.
 Such a darling!
 I too hope i'm blessed enough to have a baby girl to play dress up with me.
Images courtesy from Axioo

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