Friday, December 21, 2012

Foodie Friday - A Feast with Jamie Oliver

 Christmas is around the corner and have you planned out your feasting menu? I won't be doing any cooking this year but will definitely be feasting on glorious food and desserts. I stumble upon Jamie Oliver's Christmas recipes and I think his recipes are quite simple, straight to the point, raw and rustic. You should try some of his recipes! It's really good. I like how he makes it very homey and just like how you would have made it at home. And one more love that I have is Harry Potter's "Feast". What a magnificent sight. While reading the book I already fell in love with the idea of their feast. It's really not about the food (ok half true) but it's more on whom you dine with. So enjoy your holidays, may you and your family have a loving, joyous, blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I'll see you after my holidays! It'll be a new and exciting 2013, looking forward to making wonderful new creations and spending quality time with my love ones. May we all have a blessed and wonderful New Year. Notice: I'll be away from 24th Dec till 29th Dec. All emails and messages will be replied after I'm back from my holidays.

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