Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inspire me Thursday - Learning

We are never too old to learn anything. I needed a new project to keep me busy, so I've picked up knitting. I'm new at this and I find it both a hard and an easy hobby. The basic steps are easy to learn and pick up but it's really difficult when I make a mistake and can't fix it. I'm a little perfectionist so I tend to get really frustrated when I can't fix a problem I know exist, even after youtub-ing. Not giving up so easily so I'll take time to learn and improve on this. And over the weekend I've also conducted 2 fine art classes and it felt really good to teach again. Another good news is that I'm sewing again and trying to complete all my orders before my trip next week. How often do I knit? Well, only after 8pm because I've got to sew in the day. Initially I wanted to learn crochet but the aunty told me it's easier to learn knit skills then only proceed to learning crochet skills. Eventually I'll learn knitting so it doesn't matter which comes 1st. Have a great Thursday folks.
Ps: December my 2 favourite animals, reindeers & bunnies. Such a cute image, all snuggly up cozy and warm.
Image on the right is found on my Pinterest.

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