Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspire me Thursday - Sunshine & Dreams

This is how I've been feeling:
Drifting aimlessly, time seems to pass by real fast and noting is achieved at the end of the day. 
With the recent events, I've lost my way and I don't feel the love or the positive energy needed in my sewing.
So yes, I've not pick up my needles to sewn anything since December.
I kept telling myself it's time to move on and it's time to start sewing all the pilled up orders.
But I'm lost in my thoughts and emotions most of the time. So that sums up half of my December.
What I need - Inspiration:
I know I need time to recover and find my way back to my passion.
I know I need sunshine in my heart. To genuinely smile without forcing because I smile all the time while sewing.
I need hope and dreams that fuels my heart so I may seek my passion again.
I know I need to let go and let in.
I know it in my head but it's pretty hard to convince my heart to feel the same as my brain.
So I think I need to tell my heart this:
Although you feel so much pain, sadness, anger, grieve and lost. Acknowledge it and accept it.
It's only human to feel this way and you are human. You don't need to be a superwoman.
In every darkness, there will be light. Believe in it and you'll find your sunshine soon.
Time heals but you have to make an effort to let it heal you. You are strong but it's okay to feel weak.
So open your heart and let the healer set you free.
You will be a better person because of this.
And sunshine will soon consume your heart once again.
All illustration courtesy of Missmalagata, Lee Hye Young & Unknow from this isn't happiness

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