Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One year and counting...

Today, 12th December 2012, marks our 1st Anniversary as a married couple. I'm really thankful and blessed that I found someone who understands and protects me, who supports my decisions and stands by me, who loves to eat as much as I do, who loves to explore and travels, someone who knows what I'm thinking even before I say it and someone whom I call the love of my life/hubby/bear/dear. I love you. I know I'm not the best tempered person in the world, nor am I independent enough to not miss you daily but I know I'm at my best when I'm with you. Thank you for loving all of me, the good and the bad. As we continue our journey together, I pray that we cherish every moment spent together, every celebrations and travels, every arguments and agreements, every small gesture and kisses. As these are the details that we will carry in our hearts as we grow old. May we have many more years to come, grow loads of white hairs together and as promised, have toothless giggles together. Cross my heart.
Love you, Jun
Look what I found... Going through old photos brings back memories
2004 - The year we 1st met and we met on an online game. Look how thin Ruey was.
2005 - No wonder my popo always say Ruey is too thin... So he starts to eat more.
2006 - I remember that year it was a rough year and we fought a lot. Sad :(
2007 - We still fight on and off. Finally Ruey got his 1st crazy short haircut. 
I actually like his short haircuts more... Oh and that year I too experimented with curly hair.
2008 - A change. Cut my hair short and he maintain his short hair and everything is resolved. 
We love each other much more and that year I founded my passion - BeaniPet.
2009 - I still kept my short hair but we are very much in love and started talking about our next chapter.
2010 - Wow... look at my bear... Gain so much weight! But popo says nicer and look more manly. Agree.
2011 - Moved into my new house & got married a very happy year indeed. 
And I see myself changing from a girl to a lady... Kinda cool to see the changes.
2012 - Our perfect honeymoon escape and life is really sweeter being Mrs. Loh. Looking forward to all the years to come.
Some pictures of our ROM on 12th Dec 2011
Am thankful of life as it is so short, I will cherish every moment spent with you.
Love you always, Jun

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