Monday, January 7, 2013

BeaniPet on a TV Show

 Truly I feel very blessed and really lucky to be featured on all the newspapers/magazines and now a TV talk show! It was a learning experience for me and a great exposure for my pillows. I was very nervous being on the live talk show and with no experience at all it was really nerve wracking for me. I had to demonstrate some DIY on the talk show while replying some of the host's Elaine Daly questions and unintentionally needle myself in the process of sewing. I too made some mistakes but over all it was a fun and learning experience for me. Very blessed. Looking forward to a great 2013 :)
To view the video, you'll have to create a free account at 
& My video is no. 227 on the Bella NTV 7 talk show. 
1st image, A snap shot with the host, Elaine Daly & 2nd image, On the set, broadcasting live, taken by the hubby.

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