Monday, January 7, 2013

December Love in 2012

 December I had loads of ups and downs. But today I want to remember my happy moments of December 2012. One happy moment was that Bear & I reach our One Year Anniversary milestone as a married couple. Another thing to be happy about would also be my new Reindeer creations that made so many people happy just by seeing them! This new design is one of my proud creation and will continue to create new special animal designs. Can't wait to create them! (I've already got them all sketched up!!!) Another thing to be joyful of would be my Christmas present from hubby :) My Martha Stewart Circle Edge puncher! I've already gotten their Border Edge Lace puncher and now a circle one! Such a joyful sight it is :) Been so busy travelling and sewing that only today I've got time to play with my new toy. Very happy with it :) Oh and not to mention now I'm an Iphone user because hubby surprised me with a new Iphone 5 for our anniversary. Truly blessed and very thankful for all the bundle of joy and love. I'm ready for you 2013!
 My reindeer collection:


beaty said...

I Love martha stewart's puncher. I had the doily edge puncher also... but this round puncher is really tempting. If you dont mind, can I ask where u get the circle puncher?


Jun Yue said...

Hi there!
I got it from US!
It's not available here yet in malaysia :)
You may contact this trading company to purchase it for you and have it ship to you.

beaty said...

Thanks.. yeah it just launched is it?

Thanks by the way..

Jun Yue said...

Yup the puncher is new. Just launched end of last year if I'm not wrong :)Welcome!