Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Friday - DIY Heart Shaped Food

Here are some really cool images to inspire you to make something for your love ones!
I love the 1st image, a healthy yummy hearty breakfast, heart shaped egg on a toast! I don't think you need any recipe on this! Just buy a heart shape mould from those bakery shop then you are all set!
  Another beauty that you can make in advance and have it on the go kind of bites, Heart shaped doughnuts! Yum!
 Mmmm~ This is my favourite too! Heart shaped ravioli! I bet any good ravioli recipe would do! Just cut the pasta into heart shapes and tada! a beautiful dinner is served.
 And who can ever resist Nutella! More over heart shaped chocolate filled with nutella spread coated with hazelnuts! Heaven!!!
And a super simple heart shape sandwich! I made this before with nutella. I guess you can be creative when it comes to the filling! Fun for kids as well~ So happy preparing a lovely meal for your love ones!

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