Wednesday, January 16, 2013

love . passion . dreams

I'm back from my travels and here's what I brought back with me :)
Along with a whole bunch of ribbons & laces which I've yet to sort.
Very happy with my new stash of treasures and can't wait to sew new pillows with the new fabrics!
I'm still planing my January-February schedules and I'm not sure when should I
continue my Inspirational Journals but it'll be soon, promise. 
Another new year's resolution would be sew more, smile more & stay happy and true to myself always.
On a side note, I've also been featured on Nanyang Newspaper last Sunday.
Here's the online version page 1 & page 2
Note: If anyone out there has a copy of the newspaper & would like to pass it to me, please do contact me :D Thank you very much for your kindness!

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