Friday, January 4, 2013

Markets, Crafts & Friends

I've always enjoyed going to Markets/Bazaars/Events. It's always fun to see craftier friends, hang out with them and showcase our work together. Pipit WM9 is my 6th Pipit Market and last Pipit Wonderful Market. I join them since the 4th Pipit Market (PWM4, PWM5, PWM6, PWM7, PWM8) and time really flies. Although that was their last market event, it wouldn't be my last market. This year I should be more adventurous and try out new markets, state markets and maybe international markets. That'll be fun :) So another resolution - Join more markets!
Above image is my paper flower theme banner. Enjoy folding and making those flowers :)
Happy Packed Family! Didn't manage to capture one reindeer before she got adopted at 12pm sharp.
Overall dreamy booth and the huggable beanies.
The craft gang :) Cherish them very much. Thank you for all your support and encouragement! 
Note: Thank you to all my dear craftier friends for all the tag photos!!!

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