Monday, January 21, 2013

Mon's Rhythm - Faithfully

Finally I'm able to continue my Inspirational Journal. Here's a view of my weekly journal and as you can see I've added a little adjustment to it. I'll be sharing Music on Mondays & DIY on Tuesdays. Then on Wednesday I'll share what ever that inspires me from Movies to Books to Weddings & Home Decor designs to everything under the sun. The newly added journal would be Thursday's Colour Palette. I'll be picking some of my favourite things/pictures/ideas, combine it to make a colour Mood Board. As for Friday it'll be all about Food glory! Enjoy & hope you have a great start to a wonderful week!

First stop, one of my favourite song of all time, Faithfully by the Journey and this is Boyce Avenue's cover.
To have faith that things will work out takes courage. And only with faith you will have a full and complete love. 

Poster & Video by Boyce Avenue

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