Monday, February 4, 2013

Break the Chain

Today, 4th February, I celebrate my 28th birthday. Wouldn't want to bore you with my Birthday wishes and plans. Instead I would like to dedicate today in raising awareness on rape, abuse, feminism, beauty, life & strength as a women. This coming Valentine, Vday & One Billion Rising Organisation will come together with the world and dance to demand an end to violence. It's Flashmob and who doesn't like flashmobs!  This will be a world event and it is also happening in Malaysia at all Body Shop's outlet. Do join us as we dance proudly as women with voices. Learn the steps at the videos below.
Quote I saw "Instead of teaching females not to be raped, we will start educating the boy/guy/men NOT to rape".
The violence stops when you rise and speak up, you beautiful creatures.
If you ever need help, do contact WOA, an organisation that I'm working closely with.
Promotional Video:
Debbie Allen teaches the steps:
Steps and in full video dance:
More videos here at Vday youtube channel
The change starts with you

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